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Origami by Children

Origami by Children

A Traveling Exhibit for Schools, Libraries, and Museums

Sejin Park show off DimetredonFor more than two decades, OrigamiUSA has sponsored Origami by Children, an annual exhibition of outstanding origami by children from around the world.

Children whose origami is selected for the exhibition will receive a Certificate of Merit, a one-year membership to OrigamiUSA and a small gift. Experience is not necessary and every interested child is welcome to participate. Most models are made from directions in origami books available in libraries and bookstores. However, original creations are especially encouraged.

Every year children are invited to submit their best folded models; either their own creations or the designs of others. The finest of these are selected to become the Origami By Children exhibit for that year. During the year the exhibit travels to the communities of the various participants where it is displayed in local schools and libraries. The display is made available to other interested communities in subsequent years.

Started in 1978, Origami By Children provides an inspiration for children of all ages to explore their own creative potential as well as to enjoy the creativity of other children from around the world.

Exhibition Schedule

  • OBC 2009: Wisconsin Arts Board, Madison, WI
  • OBC 2010: Thelma Parker Memorial Library, Kamuela, HI | November 1–December 31, 2010
  • OBC 2011: The Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts, Concord MA. September 8–October 4, 2011

Galleries of OBC Selections Available For Exhibitions

See the selections from Origami by Children for this and past years here! Each of these collections is available for exhibition, see below for details.

Galleries of Past OBC Selections

These OBC galleries are no longer available for traveling exhibition, but take a look to see what our young artists did in years past.